Important Information About Membership Dues

The AFFSC Board of Directors has reviewed the amount of yearly membership dues and decided to set the annual amount to zero ($0) for both Sustaining and Associate members commencing with the membership year beginning March 2007.

This decision was reached for two reasons. The Association has realized completion of its primary objectives: the success of Reunion 2005, ongoing Lime Nights, the Newsletter, this web site, ongoing contact with members and former telecommunciations staff, and responding to matters of health and well-being of former CMs. The Board would also like to remove the administative burden of running the Association and discontinue the overhead of membership dues, regular meetings other than Annual General Meetings, and other time consuming tasks for which are simply not supported or too difficult with our dwindling volunteer base. There will continue be an annual accounting of Association funds and spending to the membership until the surplus of funds is exhausted.

This decision will have the following impact on current and future Association memberships:

  • Members who have paid for membership year 2007 or beyond will be contacted by the Treasurer for the refunding of the dues.
  • Current memberships, Sustaining and Associate, are extended indefintely. There will be no requirement to submit renewal forms, just keep us apprised of changes to contact details should you move or change e-mail addresses.
  • While some restricted areas of the web site will become open to the public, some content, such as addresses, will remain password protected. The validity of members' user identities and passwords will be continiue indefinitely so they can continue to access restricted pages.
  • New members will be welcome. Sustaining Membership will be automatically granted on application. Persons wishing to apply for Associate membership and meet the conditions of membership will continue to be approved by the AFFSC Board.
  • All by-laws of the Association continue to apply.

How to Apply for Membership

There are two types of membership in the AFFSC. Anyone who was a former Foreign Service Communicator is elgible to become a Sustaining Member of the AFFSC. A Sustaining Member receives Newsletters, can attend all AFFSC Meetings and functions, has voting privileges and can hold office on the AFFSC Board of Directors. Fill in the Sustaining Membership Form and submit your appllication by e-mail.

Spouses of former Foreign Service Communicators, former Foreign Service Employees and friends of former Foreign Service Communicators are eligible to join as Associate Members. Associate Members will receive AFFSC Newsletters, can attend AFFSC meetings and functions, but they cannot vote or hold office on the AFFSC Board of Directors. Fill in the Associate Membership Form and submit your applications by e-mail.

Please direct any queries to our Treasurer or to the AFFSC Board.

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