Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal

Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal

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5 June 2000
In 1988, the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to United Nations Peacekeepers in recognition of their collective efforts in the cause of peace for more than fifty years. This inspired the creation of the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal (CPSM), the purpose of which is to recognize all Canadians, including serving and former members of the Canadian Forces, members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and other police services, and Canadian civilians who contributed to peace on specific missions. The medal has taken some time to reach the presentation stage, but as with the creation of any major honour or award, the approval of this award involved consultation with a large number of interested individuals and groups.


Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal (CPSM) FAQ

Medal Applications Instructions For Retired CF Members and Civilians

Application - Civilian and Retirees


Médaille canadienne du maintien de la paix (MCMP)

Instructions de demande de médaille pour les membres retraités des FC et des civils

Demande de médaille - militaires retraités/civils

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