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Churchill Reminiscence

Shared Memories and Photos of Life in Churchill

Other Telegraphic Museums and Sites of Interest
Camp XCamp X Official Site
Camp X LogoCamp X Historical Society
Military Communications and Electronics Museum
RadopsCanadian Military Radio Operators
North American Data Communications Museum
National Security Agency  National Cryptologic Museum
Telegraph Lore
The Diefenbunker
Crypto Machines Northag Canadian Signals Troop
Online Oldtimers (Canadian Comm Research) Nova Scotia Telegraph and Telephone Museum
Buffalo Central Terminal Teletype Room Electronic Cipher Machine
RTTY.COM DF3OE's Teleprinter Museum

Virus Myths, e-Chain Letters, and Telephone Scams
Time to be proactive! Don't be one of the lemmings who panics when they see a message announcing some new virus that is going to trash their hard drive if they open their e-mail, falls for every line in those chain letters that appeal to your sympathy or greed, and blindly forwards these messages to everyone in your address book. Stop. Think. Spam and junk like this is going around and around the world, and it has to stop with you. There are excellent resource pages on the Web that can tell you if something is geuine or not, all you have to do is look. Here are a couple of places to start:
Computer Myths and more
Telephone scams and more


Useful Tools in Cyberspace

Infospace Infospace - Canadian Addresses and Phone Numbers

Careers & Opportunities


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